Art 6 is a studio course for sixth graders. The main focus is to investigate the elements and principles of design through 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional problems in various mediums. They will learn and practice various skills and techniques important in art making. Students will also become familiar with selected artists who were important to the modern art era, they will become familiar with aesthetic differences in art from other cultures, and will be introduced to one method of analyzing and discussing works of art.

Art 7 is a studio course for seventh graders that builds on the concepts and skills studied in Art 6. The activities and projects will explore the elements and principles of design in more detail. Students will continue to view and analyze art work from cultures with different artistic aesthetics, and they will continue to learn about important artists of the modern era through class readings and discussions.

Art 8 is a studio course for eighth graders that offers students a more in depth application of the elements and principles of design in 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional forms. There is a continued emphasis on cultural differences in artistic aesthetics, and on the development of skills necessary to make and analyze works of art. Students will do a range of class room exercises, major projects, and art history reports. This course will serve as a foundation for Upper School art.

The MS Choir is a vocal ensemble dedicated to the art of beautiful singing. The content areas covered include: vocal skills and techniques, production, the body and breath support, unison/part singing, development of centered intonation, phrasing and interpretation. The literature selected to support these areas will be varied.

Drama course for sixth graders.

Drama course for seventh graders.

Drama course for eigth graders.